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“Swan is my TRUSTED source for transportation needs. When it absolutely has to be…we call Swan.”

Eric Beames, Customer Service Manager for RockTenn Company


Rubber Duck TMS

Swan Transportation pushes innovation to the next level with our Rubber Duck TMS program.

This proprietary web-based software sets us apart from any of our competitors in that it allows us to work harder and smarter for you – freeing you up to do more and worry less.

Rubber Duck TMS is essentially your fulltime logistics staff. When you combine its capacity for real-time communication with our team of experts, you get a winning combination that fortifies your total operations.

With nothing to download, you’re just minutes away from entering orders right from your desktop through our easy-to-use interface. And because it allows multiple users to view your company profile at once, more members of your team can be logged in getting the information they need.

By turning to Swan Transportation and Rubber Duck TMS, you save time, money, and resources. Here are just some of the benefits that Rubber Duck TMS provides:

  • Committed carrier database
  • Simple bidding process that eliminates the need to send multiple e-mails or faxes
  • Single point of contact for your entire carrier supply chain
  • 90% reduction in carrier call volume to your traffic department
  • Order tracking within seconds
  • Customized reports showing detailed, quantifiable analysis
  • Relief from invoice congestion and inaccuracy in billing
  • Time-stamped record of every data point of every order
  • Complete transparency and accuracy – from initial quote to final bill, and from on-time pickup to successful delivery
  • Anywhere, anytime access: all you need is an internet connection

When you have instant access to the information you need and can streamline your efforts, you save your team time and frustration, you provide enhanced service to your customers, and you see significant costs savings.

This incredible tool is shared at no additional cost to our customers. Contact Us today for a full demonstration!

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