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“Working with Swan is like the difference between a big box retailer and a local full-service hardware store. Swan has top-tier technology with excellent communication, and they still give me competitive rates, but the customer service is worlds better.”

Mark G., Purchasing Manager for a leading company in heat transfer solutions



Our mission at Swan Transportation is to provide consistent and reliable logistic solutions for our customers.

As such, we focus on integrity, trust, and relationships above all.

Relationships with our customers are founded on a commitment to service and quality. Part of meeting that commitment involves building relationships with our agents and carriers as well. Our agents know that we are invested in their careers and their success, and our carriers know that we provide all logistical details and pay invoices promptly. We are all one team working together, and when each branch of that team’s needs are respected, everyone achieves more – especially our customers.

Because we offer a wide range of services, we meet the needs of a diverse group of customers. Still, they all have one thing in common: they need fast, accurate, and cost-effective logistical support so they can focus on their core businesses.

tiaOur customers recognize the value we add to their efforts and that we always have their best interest in mind. Transportation is more than just sourcing a truck to haul freight. It involves attention to detail, problem solving, timely communication, and a clear understanding of the desired end result. We achieve all this and more.

Transportation is a key component to our customers’ businesses. If they are relying on the shipment of inputs or raw materials and they don’t show up, productions lines shut down. If their customers are depending on finished or fabricated goods to show up at their docks but they don’t, nothing can be sold. There are so many moving parts and details that need to be in line for a successful shipment, and it’s all too important not to turn to a professional. We are proud that our customers trust us for their needs.

When our customers call on us, they know that our efforts will allow them to grow their businesses and stay ahead of their competitors. If you’d like to see for yourself why our customers use Swan Transportation, Contact Us today!

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