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Swan offers customized shipping solutions for less-than-load needs, whether a single item or multiple pallets. Benefit from our competitive freight rates, thanks to our extensive partnerships and volume. Swan will provide you with proactive communication and visibility into your shipments and will be in your corner to minimize rate adjustments and mishandling in today’s LTL environment.

Cost Effective Solutions

Swan Transportation offers cost-effective LTL shipping solutions, enabling businesses to transport their goods economically without needing to fill an entire truck. By sharing the transportation costs with other shippers, Swan's LTL services provide smaller businesses with affordable shipping options.

Secure Shipments

With Swan Transportation's LTL services, your goods benefit from increased security during transit. Utilizing palletization techniques, Swan ensures that your cargo is handled with care, reducing the risk of damage often associated with multiple handling processes typical in LTL shipments.

Convenient Services

Swan's LTL shipments provide access to a range of value-added services, including liftgate service at pickup and delivery, residential service, and inside pickup and delivery. These additional services enhance the flexibility and convenience of shipping with Swan Transportation.

Environmental Sustainability

Swan Transportation's LTL services contribute to environmental sustainability by consolidating shipments from multiple customers into one truck. By reducing the number of trucks on the road, Swan helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with eco-conscious shipping practices.

Streamlined Process

Despite the potential complexities of LTL shipping, Swan Transportation streamlines the entire process, from requesting quotes and booking shipments to packaging, pickup, transit, and delivery.

Expert Guidance

From assisting you in selecting the most suitable carrier, navigating pricing structures, and optimizing your shipping strategy to meet your specific needs, benefit from Swan Transportation's expert guidance and support.

Why Swan

With Swan's TMS platform, streamline your LTL shipping process by uploading your carrier rates and benefiting from our competitive pricing, ensuring efficient tracking and management.

Swan offers Tier 1 pricing, ensuring your shipments are cost-effective and efficient. We provide expert consultation on packaging, planning, and routing for your LTL shipments.

Our expert LTL consultants streamline your pallet shipment process and determine freight class efficiently.

Comprehensive LTL services: temperature control, fast delivery, consolidation, volume handling, final mile, and white glove.


Pair Swan’s vast 3rd party logistics experience with your business.