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Project management

From comprehensive plans to oversized cargo coordination, we ensure success while prioritizing safety and adherence to schedules. Irrespective of industry, geography, or unique needs, Swan Transportation’s project logistics experts are your partners for large, heavy-duty, high-value, or complex equipment movements. Our experts streamline operations, ensuring clear expectations for all involved parties – from project owners and manufacturers to carriers and EPC companies. Let Swan Transportation design end-to-end logistics solutions, ensuring the success of your multifaceted, challenging project cargo moves.

Project Logistics Excellence for Swan Transportation

Ensure the success of your complex capital projects with Swan Transportation's project logistics experts. Our team specializes in creating comprehensive project plans, managing multimodal transportation needs, and overseeing oversized cargo requirements. We coordinate every detail, guaranteeing adherence to safety milestones and construction schedules.

Boost Efficiency With Tailored Project Management Services

Plan, source, and manage your project moves with our worldwide network of experts and a suite of services. Gain control over your project cargo movement with round-the-clock consultation and project planning support, and utilize our proprietary capital expenditure execution model to create efficiencies, promote safety, and mitigate risks.

Project Management Solutions for Every Industry

Irrespective of your industry, geographic challenges, or unique needs, Swan Transportation's project logistics experts are your partners for large, heavy-duty, high-value, or complex equipment movements. Benefit from our holistic project management approach, covering tear downs, inventory control, export packing, equipment mobilization, international transportation, and last-mile deliveries.

Risk Assessment Expertise:

Avoid unnecessary costs, inefficiencies, and risks associated with major project cargo moves through our upfront analysis. We evaluate every phase of the shipment, providing insights from planning and implementation to execution.

Global Multimodal Services:

Customize the transport of your oversized freight with our responsive transportation plan and multimodal options, including air, ocean, customs brokerage, and surface transportation.

Real-Time Tracking Capabilities

Stay informed about your project cargo's location with our real-time tracking integrated into the Navisphere® technology.

Why Swan

Efficiency Blueprint

Leverage our capital expenditure model for efficiency, safety promotion, and risk mitigation in your projects.

24/7 Consultation

Gain control with round-the-clock support, ensuring meticulous planning and consultation throughout your project cargo move.

Global Project Mastery

Access a worldwide network of experts for planning, sourcing, and managing projects across industries and geographies.


Risk Assessment Expertise

Mitigate costs and risks through upfront analysis, offering insights from planning to flawless execution.

WE EXCEED YOUR FUll Project management NEEDS.

Pair Swan’s vast 3rd party logistics experience with your business.