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Managed Transportation

Let Swan Transportation’s seasoned supply chain experts take the helm of your daily logistics tasks, providing you with tailored solutions that propel your business forward. Our managed services offer a strategic extension of your team, allowing you to achieve goals efficiently without the need for additional headcount.

Strategic Focus

Stay concentrated on your core business initiatives while we fortify your supply chain through optimization, integration, and operational best practices.

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of unparalleled technology and insights for informed, data-driven decision-making, ensuring you capitalize on supply chain opportunities.

Managed Services Solutions

Rely on our highly proven, repeatable, and sustainable processes, executed by professionals who comprehend your supply chain intricacies and the technology supporting it.

Order Management

Exceed key performance indicators with our experts monitoring and managing your dynamic orders. Enhance shipment planning through network evaluations.

Appointment Scheduling

Increase visibility, improve load planning, and reduce administrative costs with efficient scheduling processes.

Event & Exception Management

Proactively address exceptions, overcome disruptive events, and eliminate future occurrences through smart algorithms and quick resolutions.

Carrier Management

Satisfy carriers, set clear expectations, and enhance service while reducing unnecessary costs with proactive communication and performance scorecards.

Supplier Management

Streamline supplier relationships, model inbound networks, and facilitate change management to keep pace with your initiatives.

Claims Management

Avoid disruptions by allowing us to document, manage, and track claims on your behalf, providing resolutions and advisory support.

Spend Management

Develop measurable savings plans aligned with KPIs, effectively managing costs and mitigating financial impacts.

Performance Monitoring

Ensure you hit targets and achieve operational improvements with lean methodologies, adjusting technology and processes for faster goal attainment.

Why Swan

Strategic Expertise

Boost your logistics with Swan’s managed services, driven by process management, consulting, and supply chain engineering, guided by skilled experts.

Technology Integration

Swan maximizes technology capabilities, ensuring your logistics benefit from carrier-neutral services and scalable strategies for streamlined operations and enhanced transparency.


Comprehensive Solutions

Opt for Swan Transportation’s comprehensive and scalable approach to align with your goals, offering tailored solutions for efficient daily logistics management.

Foundation for Success

Swan’s managed services and technology create a solid foundation, empowering your logistics with scalability, transparency, and operational efficiency, meeting diverse business needs.

WE EXCEED YOUR FUll Managed Transportation NEEDS.

Pair Swan’s vast 3rd party logistics experience with your business.